What is Consultant-in-a-Box®?


A Consultant-in-a-Box® represents decades of management consulting, Global 500, middle-market, emerging, and public sector experience and research.

  • It delivers thought-leading, agile business and project know-how and practices.
  • Its content and know-how blend AI, education, methods, and techniques to increase your teams' capabilities while reducing dependence on expensive management consulting firms.
  • It empowers business teams to own their outcomes.

Use a Consultant-in-a-Box® for your next project, business capability, or vendor software evaluation and selection initiative and save tens or hundreds of thousands in management consulting fees.

Steer clear of the drama, inexperience, and friction that management consultants tend to bring. Consider Consultant-in-a-Box® and invest in your employees.

Consultant-in-a-Box.AI is coming soon.

Sometimes, when explaining what something is, it's best to describe what it isn't.

Consultant-in-a-Box® isn't Your Traditional Management Consultant.

A traditional Consultant-in-a-Box® -- coffee not included (an out-of-pocket expense) 😀.

A Novel and Innovative Consultant-in-a-Box® Delivers Know-how On-Demand --  Anytime, Anywhere, and Any Device --using Cloud-based Computer Servers (the Modern Box), AI, and Global Content Delivery Networks.

  • Seasoned know-how
  • Friction-free delivery
  • Employee-centric and empowering
  • No exorbitant hourly rates
  • No lengthy, hassle-filled engagement cycles
  • No drama and egos to deal with
  • No PowerPoint fatigue
  • No knowledge loss

An unconventional Consultant-in-the-Box™ -- The box, as in computer servers and AI.