Develop Insight™

"​We know why projects fail, we know how to prevent their failure -- so why do they still fail?"

Martin Cobb, former Secretariat of the Treasury Board, Canada

There's a tremendous opportunity to increase organizational performance and value by improving our projects' success rates.

Technology isn't rocket science anymore. The Millennial and Gen Zer generations have a pretty good grasp of technology and are comfortable with it.

Technology isn't the culprit in most project failures. Organizational dysfunction causes most project failures.

The first mastery of business capability teams is Engage System™.

"​We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."

George Bernard Shaw

History tends to repeat itself when it comes to projects. Industry research points to the same general reasons as to why projects fail. Yet, we never learn our lessons. Why?

Three critical actions before a project begins are to:

  • Find who has solved a similar problem in the past and understand their solution.
  • Orient business team members on the project process and its pitfalls, risks, and nuances, particularly those who haven't engaged in technology projects.
  • Encourage team reflection and discussion on why projects fail and encounter trouble from an industry perspective and specific to your organization, what signs to look for, and possible resolution steps.

Know 9 Unique Insights About Projects

  • Use Project as a Verb
  • Understand Project Anatomy
  • Consider Project Constraints
  • Engage with Technology
  • Step to Outcomes
  • Undertake as a Sociological Endeavor
  • Minimize Transitions
  • Choose Right Approach
  • Reduce Project Proliferation

Learn From History

  • Know Time-tested Symptoms of Failure
  • Develop Insight to Failure
  • Avoid 7 Common Mistakes
  • Consider Historical Laws and Principles

Know the Real Reasons Projects Fail

  • Find the Elusive Silver Bullet
  • Stuck in Conventional Thinking
  • Disregard Relationship Gaps
  • Lack Discipline in Thinking, Organizing, Behavior, and Action

Shift Your Mindset

  • Influence Institutional Dynamics
  • Employ Critical Project Processes
  • Use these Ingredients for Success
  • Shift Your Thinking -- Drive Pragmatic Behavior
  • Make a Difference

Relate to Analogies

  • Buidling a House
  • Project is Theater
  • Aviation System -- Managing Complexity
  • Franchising
  • Team Sport -- Golf

Set your Team on a Path to Success

  • Produce Great Software
  • Understand SDLCs Conceptually
  • Understand Structured Approach
  • Understand Agile Approach
  • Compare and Contrast Approaches
  • Choose Structured or Agile -- What's Best?

More on SDLCs

  • Know 3 "Cs" of SDLCs
  • Relate to Analogy -- Structured SDLC
  • View Agile SDLC
  • Relate to Analogy -- Agile
  • Relate Capability Thinking® and SDLCs

Recap & Reference

  • Critical Takeaways About Projects