Embrace Mission™

Mission is about people, not projects. -- Todd Engstrom

Behavior without purpose is the essence of chaos.

The third mastery of business capability teams is Embrace Mission™.

Critical mission perspectives include:

  • Initiating the right mission is only possible after engaging in your System and understanding the problem/opportunity.
  • Wrap your mission with differentiating and impactful TOBA -- Thinking, Organizing, Behavior, and Actions.
  • Embrace 80/20 thinking throughout your mission to reduce complexity and focus on vital requirements.
  • Use visualization to understand the System and its parts holistically.
  • Commit to the right approach, organization, and resource consumption that enable mission success.

Increase Your Project's Long-Term Success

  • Wrap Your Project with Capability Thinking®

Initiate the Right Mission

  • Work the Right Problems & Opportunities

Solve the Right Problem

  • Understand the Problem & Opportunity
  • Create Cooperative Knowledge
  • Think 80/20 -- Embrace Less is More
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Consider Other Solution Levers
  • Assess Solution Options

Define Succinct Outcomes

  • Visualize Big Picture
  • Specify Outcomes
  • Confirm Scope
  • Define Vital Requirements
  • Avoid Rework, aka Ka-Ching! Late in Your Project

Minimize Resource Consumption

  • Measure Value
  • Estimate Work
  • Approve Fee Arrangements
  • Sell Warren Buffett

Define Clear Organization

  • Organize with Clarity

Embrace Engagement

  • Engage Constituencies and Partners Early
  • Engage Sponsors & Owners

Align on Right Approach

  • Promote Proven Practices
  • Assess Choices & Consequences
  • Align Skills to Business Need
  • Choose the Right Project Type
  • Leverage Your Organization's Standards & Assets

Commit to Your Mission

  • Control Your Destiny